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Onsite Service Policy

Tierratek (vendor) provides limited system telephone technical support (support) and onsite repair service (service) for the duration specified (service period) on the associated invoice. The service period begins on the date the product is shipped by vendor as stated by the "ship date" or "will call date" on the invoice. This support and service is non-transferable and is only provided to the original purchaser as identified on the invoice as the “Bill to” and/or "Ship to" entity (customer). This document defines specific responsibilities required of both the customer and vendor to facilitate fair and expeditious repair completion. Vendor liability is limited and customer recourse is also limited. Support and service may be provided by vendor and/or a vendor-selected third party service provider (provider) at vendor's discretion. This support and service covers only the vendor branded system unit(s) identified on the associated invoice. External peripheral devices, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and similar devices, and all software, including the operating system, are not included. Notebook batteries are also excluded from service. Special order components indicated as non-returnable, either on the invoice, or an associated order confirmation, are also excluded from service. There will be no support or service provided without a copy of the associated invoice.

When hardware or software appears to have malfunctioned or failed, the customer is expected to attempt to resolve the problem using problem-resolution documentation which may accompany the system. If the problem cannot be resolved using the provided documentation, and the problem occurs within the service period, the customer should call the support telephone number noted on the system unit's service label. Support is available, during the hours and days specified on your invoice, in the United States and Canada for the duration of the service period. A call-back from the service provider may be required depending on current call volume.

The customer is expected to work with the provider, over the telephone, to diagnose and/or resolve the problem. This may include describing the problem in detail, attempting to resolve the problem as suggested by provider's technical staff, and possibly using diagnostic software, if provided with the system, to isolate the problem. Final resolution of the problem may require more than one support session.

If the support technician determines that service is required, the customer will be contacted by the vendor to arrange the shipment of replacement parts. Service is only provided to effect the replacement of defective hardware components covered by this policy. The customer will be required to provide financial security, typically in the form of a credit card hold, to ensure the prompt return of the defective components. The security will be required prior to shipment of the replacement components. The customer is responsible for contacting provider once replacement parts are received. Service will not be scheduled until the required replacement components are received by the customer at which time the customer must call the support telephone number to schedule the appointment for service. The customer is responsible for backing up data and application software to external media prior to the arrival of the service technician and for restoration after service is completed. Telephone technical support will be provided to restore the operating system to its original as-shipped condition only if required by the failure and/or replacement of a covered component.

Service is provided to locations within 50 miles of the nearest vendor-authorized service location and only within the United States and Canada. Service will be provided on a "best efforts" basis, typically within eight (8) business hours after receipt of replacement parts by customer. Onsite service hours are 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday, except legal holidays observed at the provider location. Service covers onsite removal and replacement of defective components necessitated by covered equipment failure. Unavailability of replacement components may cause delays in service. The customer is responsible for the prompt return of the components to avoid charges. Vendor reserves the right to recall the system to the factory at vendor's expense. Systems and/or parts requiring service will be received with no presumption regarding the condition of the system or included components or the existence of any software or data. Customer is responsible for proper packing of return shipments.

Service does not include routine maintenance, damage caused by normal wear and tear, any service related to software, viruses, hardware and/or software incompatibilities, installation of upgrades or additional equipment, operational instruction or training, correction of cosmetic damage, network interoperability, damage caused by faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by the customer, (or a third party not authorized by vendor), accidents, neglect, misuse, modification of configuration without prompting by provider’s or vendor's technical support personnel, improper operating environment as defined by manufacturer's documentation, failures or fluctuations of electrical power, static electricity, fire damage, water or chemical damage, acts of God, civil disorder, or war. The customer has the responsibility for exercising reasonable care in operating, handling and maintaining the equipment. Equipment failure or damage which is attributable to the customer's or a third-party's rough treatment, abuse, misuse, neglect, additions, adjustment, or modification is the responsibility of the customer and will limit and/or void any future support or services offered.

If a service call is made and the cause for the service call is not covered by the service policy, as determined by vendor, the customer will be charged for all costs of the service call and related shipping charges. The provider’s then-current trip and service rates will apply.